Jeff Hays

A Troupe of Actors in One Skull

My name is Jeff Hays, and I am a voice artist. i am a one man theater capable of bringing your story to life on my aural stage. I do not treat Audio Books as mere sonic reproductions of their respective texts, but as a whole new way to experience and share the world of your imagination. In this digital age, when everyone has instant access to novels, television shows, films, and music, it is more important than ever that your audio book puts on the kind of show you saw in your head from the moment you first conceived your tale. Let me breathe life into your characters. Let me paint the scenery with your words. Let me give a voice to your adventure that will capture your listeners by their own imaginations, and compel them to follow me into your most beloved fantasy. 

Welcome to my website!

Below you will find a variety of ways to listen to my work, and in each you will hear evidence of my versatility and narrative skill. I suggest you start with my Soundcloud page to hear samples of my latest work. There, you will also hear examples of my other talents in sound wizardry, including effects and musical composition. Below that you will find a link through which you may find and purchase the myriad titles I've already produced on Audible. Facebook is the best way for listeners to reach me, and ACX is where I audition the most. If you'd like to learn more about the authors I've worked for already, I have links to their websites listed below. 

Thanks so much for visiting, and if you want to contact me about working on your project, click on the "Contact" link above. 


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